David Gregory | Key member of BNI Clapham's Business Networking Group

BNI is so much more than just networking. It really is a fantastic source of business, friendships and collaboration with people that you know, like and most importantly – trust!

Within the first few weeks of joining I was already receiving referrals and having promising meetings with others within the group and the wider community. All of which were extremely encouraging.

I’m happy to say that within the first few months, the fee was already more than covered. All the business that comes in now is pure profit, which is exactly the point of BNI, alongside working with a brilliant team of people. All of whom are here to help grow each other’s businesses and offer support.

Moreover, you learn so much through BNI. Not just the ability to network and present to people, but from the sheer volume of resources that BNI has, which is almost endless. There’s so much you can learn from others in the group, the training sessions, as well as the wider BNI university.

Come along and try for yourself!

David Gregory

IFA, Redwood Wealth Management

I’m not an early morning person but attending regularly has fast become the highlight of my week.  Being surrounded by a positive and driven team of professionals is motivating and inspiring.

I leave each week with a team of people looking for my ideal client for me.  It’s a no-brainer!  Within 2 months, it was already paying for itself and bringing valuable referrals and business opportunities my way.  

Definitely a productive investment of both time and money.

It’s also brilliant for personal development – both within the local team as well as the support and training that BNI provides at a city and global level.

Beck Moreno

Founder, RBK Marketing

Beck Moreno of RBK Marketing | A member of BNI Clapham - your local networking group