The 5 “W’s” for the Perfect Holiday

What does it take to make the perfect holiday? Not such a simple question to answer when you really think about it. How many times you have booked a holiday online on a whim because there was a special deal? Did the deal look almost too good to be true, and turn out to be exactly that? I have come up with a hard and fast 5 point plan that I go through with each and every client before even starting to source a holiday for them.

This 5 point plan goes through all the most important factors you need to cover off when planning a holiday. If you consider each and (most importantly) every point in the list carefully, and give it due attention, you are certain (once you apply it to your search criteria) to create a perfect holiday.

1 – Why?

It seems a simple enough question, but we often don’t consider the reasons for travelling…is it to relax, to explore, to learn or educate others? Do you want to shop, or see sights, travel around, or stay put. Once you understand why you want to travel, the process is a lot smoother.

2 – Where?

Another seemingly obvious question? Are you flexible, or specific on where you want to go to? Is there one destination on your mind, or several? Do you want sunshine or snow? Relaxation or adventure? Bear in mind that if you travel far outside Europe, you are likely to experience some jetlag if you fly, and it takes your body 1 day to fully recover for every hour to change your watch.

3 – What?

What do you want to do when you are there? This questions links a lot to “why” you want to go there, but is also an important stand alone question.

4 – When?

When would you like to go? Are you and your fellow traveller(s) flexible on your departure date, or are they set in stone? If the former, set out the first possible date you can leave, and the last possible date that you must be back home, and decide how long you can be away for…This way, if there are better offers a day or so earlier or later you can take advantage of them.

5 – Wonga?

How much money do you have? Budgeting for a holiday is vitally important, as it helps to set the parameters of the search more than any other “W” in my list. It decides where you go, when you go and what you do when you are there.  

These questions may seem daunting, but I can go through them with you step by step, and from our conversation match the perfect holiday to you and your family every time…..your next dream holiday is just a call away

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