Why Choose BNI?

BNI is the world’s leading business networking and referral organisation.

It is not just a network; it is a network that is set up to bring you business and make you money.

Last year the members of BNI Central London reported income in excess of £18.4 million in new business.  Globally, the 227,000 members of BNI passed over 9.8 million referrals, resulting in more than $13.6 billion in business.

BNI provides a positive, supportive, and structured environment.  It encourages the exchange of quality business referrals.

No-one is forced to pass referrals.  We understand that your name goes out with every referral you give.  That is why we meet regularly and look to build good reputations of trustworthiness and dependability with your team members… try them out so that when there is an opportunity, you can refer with confidence.

Each chapter has it’s own personality but the elements and structure are familiar wherever you go.  Clapham is known for its jovial nature and its warm welcome.  We like business to be enjoyable and networking too.  So you’ll find it’s not your typical networking event.

Increased Business Prospects

You can expect a substantial increase in revenue for your business because we promote quality referrals.


Participation in up to 50 networking meetings each year gives you exposure to many other businesses and professionals in your community. You also gain a whole team of people who will be talking about your services for you each week as they go about their business.

Training & Personal Development

BNI has built a range of tools and educational materials and workshops on networking, public speaking and best business practices. These are open and available to all our members.

Here are some of the tools available to BNI members:

When you become a member you can create an online profile, connecting you with those in your local chapter as well as BNI members around the world.

Ability to attend multiple social and business-related workshops to polish your skills as well as providing more networking opportunities.

An online ‘university’ with hundreds of short podcasts by key professionals and networkers aimed to educate and motivate. 

A simple RAG system so you can see how much you are maximising the opportunities at BNI as well as your chapter’s performance. 



We can see the benefits of referral marketing. Can you?
Beck Moreno of RBK Marketing | A member of BNI Clapham - your local networking group

I’m not an early morning person but attending regularly has fast become the highlight of my week.  Being surrounded by a positive and driven team of professionals is motivating and inspiring.

I leave each week with a team of people looking for my ideal client for me.  It’s a no-brainer!  Within 2 months, it was already paying for itself and bringing valuable referrals and business opportunities my way.  

Definitely a productive investment of both time and money.

It’s also brilliant for personal development – both within the local team as well as the support and training that BNI provides at a city and global level.

Beck Moreno

Founder, RBK Marketing