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Business networking in the heart of Clapham.
A local team of driven professionals ready to support you in growing your business!

Business Networking and Breakfast Meeting

about us

A local and friendly business networking group made up of professionals who meet weekly to grow our own businesses as we  grow and support each others’.  We meet weekly in Clapham but welcome companies from all over London.

We network under the umbrella of BNI – a global network of professionals – because it offers a structured, positive and professional referral programme that has been proven to work.  It hones your networking skills as well as providing a supportive environment where businesses can grow and flourish. 

In today’s climate, the right connections are everything and with BNI, your network becomes your greatest asset.


business networking - what to expect...

Personal Growth
& Development

An inspiring environmental that will challenge and push you outside of your comfort zone week on week.

Business Networking Grows Revenue | BNI Clapham
Business Growth

We track referrals and business we bill each week to help drive each other’s businesses forward.

Trust & Dependability

Because of the regular commitment of weekly meetings, we build a reputation of trust and reliability within the team.

DOESN't Interfere with the Work Day

Our meetings are scheduled so as not to interrupt the normal working day.  Therefore, your business will continue to benefit from your availability.

As well as this, we have found that while the rest of the business world is slumping towards the weekend, you’ll be enjoying an injection of productivity and enthusiasm.

Free Training & Workshops

BNI is a global network of professionals that runs regular workshops.  It also has a whole library of guides and podcasts aimed at improving your business and networking skills.

At Clapham, we appreciate that training members trains the team so we reimburse you for any training you attend.

One Per Profession
Lock out competitors

We only approve one member per profession.  So you will never have a direct competitor from within the team. 

As we grow the team, we look to do this to your advantage by looking for other complimentary businesses that would naturally bring you more business and would work well with yours.

Business Networking Grows Revenue | BNI Clapham


business invoiced last year
by the team


Referrals for business in 2018 made and received by the team


Local Professionals
(only one per profession allowed)


Goal for business this year,
shared between a team of 25

Come and See for Yourself

If you’d like to have a taste of just what joining could mean for your business, why not try before you buy?

We usually meet on Thursday mornings in Clapham for breakfast and networking (£15 a visit).  During lockdown, our meetings are £5 and held via Zoom.

Experience the positive energy and support our team has to offer and just how valuable your network can be.


Joining is Easy

If you can see the value in referral business and would like to join the team, all you need to do is:

- join us for a meeting

- and submit an application form together with your payment
1 Year Membership


a year

2 Year Membership


for 2 years

Our Membership Committee will get back to you shortly to update you on the status of your application.

Applications are usually approved within 2 weeks (subject to referencing).

*There is also a £60 pcm venue fee in addition to your application.


We can see the benefits of referral marketing. Can you?
David Gregory | Key member of BNI Clapham's Business Networking Group

BNI is so much more than just business networking. It really is a fantastic source of business, friendships and collaboration with people that you know, like and most importantly – trust!

Within the first few weeks of joining I was already receiving referrals and having promising meetings with others within the group and the wider community. All of which were extremely encouraging.

I’m happy to say that within the first few months, the fee was already more than covered. All the business that comes in now is pure profit, which is exactly the point of BNI, alongside working with a brilliant team of people. All of whom are here to help grow each other’s businesses and offer support.

Moreover, you learn so much through BNI. Not just the ability to network and present to people, but from the sheer volume of resources that BNI has, which is almost endless. There’s so much you can learn from others in the group, the training sessions, as well as the wider BNI university.

Come along and try for yourself!

David Gregory

IFA, SW Financial Planners